Stedman Corporate Clothing

Show the world how smart you are!


Simply made to perform at work

Too many corporate clothing providers believe merely adding the word 'performance' to their label makes for a viable performance tailored clothing solution. At Clubclass we only make promises we can stand by; no smoke and mirrors just high quality corporate tailoring, simple.

We started with the fabric; we wanted something that was both more durable than current tailoring yet also comfortable. We found it in a fabric made from high quality wool mixed with low-pill, high tech, Polyester. We asked a brilliant garment technician to produce jacket patterns for men & women concentrating on fit and ease of movement and to produce trousers that fit but are great to work in. We then used a higher grade of trim (Lining, Buttons, Internal canvas, chest piece and shoulder pads) than would normally be used in clothing at this price. We even made sure we put the internal pockets onto fabric inserts rather than directly onto the lining, because it is better and stronger and we believe it is attention to detail that sets the best apart.

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  • Adelphi Vest
    4 Button, Feature Lining
  • Bankside Jacket
    Single Breasted, 3 Button
  • Astoria Skirt
    Pencil Skirt
  • Brompton Trouser
    Front Fastening, Flared Leg
  • Principle Trouser
    Single Pleat
  • Chelsea Trouser
    Front Fastening, Flared Leg
  • Ritz Waistcoat
    5 Button Fastening
  • Dockland Jacket
    2 Button Single Breasted